Complete international Media Reports based on recent Events.War is Coming.Download the PDF’s.

  • Brutal Oppression in Kashmir by Hindu Zionist regime.
  • Rapes of Muslim Kashmiri Women.
  • Connection of war in Afghanistan with Kashmir.Defeat of USA by Taliban and its effect in the region.
  • Call for Ghazwa e Hind.
  • Mob lynching and Atrocities on Muslims in India.
  • Imminent Genocide of Muslims in India and Kashmir.
  • Clash of civilizations – Kuffar Mushriks Hindu Zionists vs Muslim Ummah.
  • Inevitable War that will consolidate Islamic Strength and Power in Indian Subcontinent.
  • Appeal to Pakistan,Malaysia,Indonesia,Turkey,Qatar,Bangladesh for HELP and RESCUE..SOS

Guidance from QURAN

The Truth about Islam and Victory that no one tells you.. Please study now before it’s too late.. Quran reference (Surahs and Ayahs), Chapters and Verses.. 2:216, 2:191, 4:95, 8:72,8:74,8:75,9:19,9:20,9:44,9:73,9:86,9:88,60:1,61:11, 66:9, 3:152, 3:157,3:169,4:74,9:111

Just a few references from quran.. Study in context and historical relevance. …Read Tafsir exegesis (Ibn Kathir if u want to) for better understanding.. Jazak Allah khair.

Some Important news links about Upcoming India Pakistan Kashmir WAR…